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ISBN: 9780985286484
PUBLICACIÓN: Septiembre 2014

Adaptive Capacity

In today’s business world, change of many kinds—technological, economic, social, and environmental—is outpacing the ability of organizations to predict it and manage it. As a result, the single most important capacity any company can develop is the power to adapt to change, and to do so rapidly, intelligently, and effectively.
In ADAPTIVE CAPACITY: How Organizations Can Thrive in a Changing World, Juan Carlos Eichholz—business consultant and acclaimed professor—offers a compelling analysis of the challenge of increasing an organization’s adaptive capacity.
Eichholz examines the five crucial dimensions across which a company must improve its adaptive capacity—purpose, strategy, structure, culture, and talent. His insights are brought to life through vivid examples involving organizations ranging from HP and Google to Telefonica and the U.S. Marines. Readers will develop a new appreciation for this most crucial aspect of contemporary leadership as well as a host of ideas and practical tools they can begin using immediately to succeed in a changing world.

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