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ISBN: 9788483567975

Corporate Reputation

Reputation has become an essential strategic asset for companies.

Reputation has become an essential strategic asset for companies. Those businesses that enjoy a good reputation are able to differentiate themselves, thus attracting investments and retaining customers and employees, while at the same time, stakeholders of such companies demonstrate higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty towards the companies’ products and brands.
Currently, corporate reputation is one of the most popular non-financial indicators used by organizations, both in the public and private sectors. This book is an in-depth investigation of the psychosocial nature of corporate reputation, and we invite the reader to join us on a journey of discovery.
When reputation first appeared as a concept, it brought about promises and hopes. It was viewed as a solution capable of reconciling the interests of different stakeholders and making the whole organization stronger. However, this giant soon turned out to have feet of clay, as it was lacking in sufficient theoretical and methodological foundation. Nonetheless, when we step into the terra incognita of corporate intangible assets, we will understand that the vague idea of reputation is gradually acquiring a scientific form thanks to the development of measurement tools and models that lay a foundation for the long sought-after means of managing reputation.

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