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ISBN: 978-1-907794-27-8
PUBLICACIÓN: Febrero 2013

Creative 4 Cast

A new solution for the future of advertising

Advertising has always had a clear objective: to promote the sales of a product or service. The success of an advertising campaign is determined by the success of the client’s business/brand. But with the advent of social and digital media and the extraordinary changes in the media landscape in general, advertising ompanies must reassess their roles and ways of operating in order to continue achieving success for their clients.
This book presents a manifesto for the changing face of advertising. But rather than a revolution, this change is more of an evolution. Creative thought has to evolve, creative professionals have to evolve and therefore advertising agencies, too, have to evolve. Leading advertising practitioner Emanuele Nenna provides ideas and direction for this evolution in this timely and important book for everyone involved in the advertising sector.


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