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ISBN: 9781910649022

Defying doom

Leading urgent large-scale transformations

This book is a call to action. If you need to know what it takes to break through to a new layer of oxygen in an organization that has been flying high in the past, you will find this both an inspiring and practical approach. Nothing will swoop down to remove your challenges, but the framework explained in this book carves a clear path toward transforming an organization, as opposed to sinking into decline. This framework is grouped around three simple steps: What’s the story? Who’s on board? Getting things done.

“Defying Doom recounts and explores genuine nightmares — lived, survived and avoided — in different corporate scenarios. These stories inspire executives not only to overcome but also to emerge stronger from certain situations despite uncertain and shifting environments. Quinn offers us a vivid and humane reading, full of tangible solutions for the 21st century executive.”


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